Imagine sitting at a random outdoor café and ordering a cold drink. The beverage is served and you take the first sip with your eyes closed. This is enjoyable, it’s so tasty! You open your eyes and you see the same drink on other tables. You start to enjoy it even more because what people at the café don’t realise is that this is your drink, your unique idea, your own product and it’s for sale at this outdoor café. And at the wholesaler, at other bars, cafés, restaurants and in the supermarket.

Not too long ago your product was just an idea, a dream or sold on a small scale, but unknown to the public at large. This however was before you met us – CS Beverage & More. This introduction led to a number of steps, to launching your own drink and to the amazing feeling that you are now experiencing.


If you have a product that still needs to take off or you want to examine whether your product will do well abroad, but you’re looking for someone who can make this a success, then you should definitely get in touch with us. Together we will examine what is the best concept for you to achieve what you want.

You can reach us via the contact form below or by telephone:

Coen Scholder – Tel: +31 6 31 95 98 94

Your decision to contact CS Beverage & More is a guarantee for a transformed future for your company and product. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are CS Beverage & More, a unique business specialising in introducing new alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks into the global beverage market on a wide scale. We are located in Nuenen – North Brabant, which is in the southern part of the Netherlands. From here we operate worldwide.

For the past 12 years we have been working with the idea that passion for great products is the basis for success and together with our customers we examine how, in which form and where a product fits in best. Jointly we think about how the product should look like after we have effectively studied who the buyers could or should be. We work on a total concept from business plan to end product in which passion for the end product is a basic precept. This approach to the job is synonymous with a successful product – no matter where is the world we launch it.

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